Gifts for the Infinite Party Superhero

Wouldn't YOU want the power to party for all time?  Give yourself these gifts and you'll give the world the privilege of an endless party-tastic experience.

MUSIC:  The JammyPack

Strap on this groovy pouch to keep your valuables safe and your beats blasting!  Water-resistant & super-loud, JammyPacks are here to prove that you -- have the right -- to PAAAARTY!

LIGHTS: LEDs & PrizmEyez

 Pop a couple PrizmEyez and some LED finger lights into your JammyPack and you've got yourself an instant party-on-the go!  Day or night, lights + prizmz will transform your environment into a mind-blowing lightshow!  Awesome LED lightstrings going on sale this week on our site.

RECHARGE: Sleephood and Solar Charger

Then, after you rage with your rainbowz and JammyPack, pop on a comfy sleep hood and recover….so that when you wake up you're ready to instantly party once again!

While you recharge your own batteries, do the same for your other goods with these solar-powered battery chargers! These SAVED me at Coachella.

There you have it!  Party, sleep, repeat!  What else would you want for the ultimate infinite party?

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