You've never seen shades like EyedealShades! Enter their Giveaway

Have you ever seen eyeglasses that look like pixelated hearts dripping down your face?

How about eyewear evoking two purple, googly-eyed monsters sticking out their tongues? 

Or, glasses featuring a gold-plated octopus chillin by your 'brow?  Just when I thought I'd seen every variety of sunglasses known to mankind, I came across the fabulously unique EyedealShades.

Jesse Mayhan, the man behind the magic, uses a wide variety of materials to upcycle glasses frames into fantastic works of art: from puffy paint, to clay, to glue.... a lot of it glows in the dark!

I finally met Jesse in person at How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco, and snagged a pair of heart-shaped glasses that always get a lot of "WHOA!" compliments on the street.  

Mz Prizm:  Jesse, how did you decide to start this business?

Mr Jesse Eyedeal:  I just like to make people smile.  It's very rewarding to see people wear, and have fun with, my artwork.  I draw inspiration from all my amazing friends and the encouragement that I receive constantly from them.  My art is only a reflection of the beauty that I see in my family, friends, and the world around me.

MzPrizm:  Jesse, what are your favorite festivals?

Mr Jesse Eyedeal:  hmmm, Symbiosis, LoveFest, How Weird SF Street Fest, Tonasket Barter Faire, Northern Nights...


Snag a pair of these awesome shades by messaging Eyedealshades on Facebook.  Currently he only takes custom orders, so don't wait to get your order in!

Enter the Eyedeal Shades Giveaway here:

Keep ya eyez open for a giveaway of Eyedeal-customized PrizmEyez diffraction rave glasses...coming soon! <3

See tons of Jesse's awesome creations here:

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