This year, San Francisco's famous "How Weird Street Faire" has chosen the theme Outer Space.  Why get weird in Outer Space?  Why not?!?!  Especially, since this year we'll be raving on May the Fourth (be with you)!  So of course we had to throw a Prizm Space party!

This Sunday, at 111 Minna Gallery (which is inside the festival), come by between 1-4 pm.  Say you're there for the Prizm Party and you'll get a free wristband instead of paying cover, compliments of Mz Prizm.


The following awesomeness awaits you!

- Wear the newest PrizmEyez diffraction glasses inside a PRIZM CUBE designed by Mz Prizm!!! (Beware, rainbow explosion!)

- Special discount on Space Face holographic sunglasses -- the perfect accessory for this event!

- Check out three new styles of PrizmEyez that are about to drop on the site later this month.  Get your prizm-y paws on em first!

- Try out kaleidoscope glasses in person -- you've seen the pictures but you can't even imagine the fractal-tastic effect!!!!  We have both h0les and Future Eyes, so you'll get to try on the best kaleidoscope glasses in the world, handmade in the USA by two fantastic artists for your visual pleasure.

- Feel free to buy whatever you want!  Let's make the world a sparklier, weirder, more rainbow-y place.



Facebook Event -- PLEASE RSVP or tell a friend to come!

21+ // 1-4pm // be WEIRD!


During space travel feelings of expanded awareness may occur, as well as a heightened understanding of your home planet. This is normal weirdness.

Join us as we journey through the cosmos in search of new and exciting experiences, expanding our perspective to the universal scale.

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