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Fuck you Bedlam. Guess what? Ryan Dunn died in a car wreck last night. Guess how many people died in a car wreck since he did? People die hoirlbre deaths daily. People live hoirlbre lives full of pain and suffering. The simple fact that you, or any of us, have internet access and the time to fuck around on FilmDrunk means we show a lack of gravitas and decorum against the backdrop of someone ceasing to exist. Or while some child gets raped. Or while your mom chokes on a hobo’s slimy dick. It’s far more disrespectful to pretend that his death was unique or remarkable. People die horribly every single day. You are the douche-bag for trying to imply that his death somehow matters more because he was “A Mildly Beloved Pseudo-Celebrity . What’s more, he was Ryan Dunn of Jackass. He wasn’t Jonathan Brandis. He wasn’t Heath Ledger. He wasn’t Edward Norton (trust me on that one). He was a guy who found fame by hurting himself and risking death for laughs. Get off your high horse, and by that, I mean ram it’s giant cock into you ass until it fills you with horse cum. Just like the horse cum Ryan Dunn put in Johnny Knoxville’s sunblock. Which Knoxville freely admits he used for weeks while wondering why it got so stringy. That’s the type of guy Dunn was; the type to appreciate a few good puns about his burning to death in a car wreck.Or bad puns.As for our not being funny, have you seen your screen name?


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