Top Five Reasons You're Attending Sunset Campout 2016

Sunset Sound System Goes Wild In The Forest.  And You Should Too!

Top Five Reasons You're Coming To Sunset Campout 2016:

The weekend of July 17, a massive flock of partiers busted out their bikinis, feathers, sequins, and smiles to shake it all weekend to some groovy beats.  This was my first Sunset Campout and Mz Prizm wants YOU to come next year.

#1.  Good Peeps & Family Attitude

When the same gang of superstars have been partying together for over two decades, the good vibes grow exponentially -- and this festival proves it.  Sunset parties were born around '94 when Galen, Solar, and crew decided to spin their tracks beneath the setting sun.  The rest is history.  

Thanks to a mutual love of house, deep house, and techno, the Sunset posse expanded rapidly, generating a plethora of events in the SF/Bay including daytime ragers at Stafford Lake and Treasure Island, the legendary Halloween Boat Party, and many more.  But of all these, the crown jewel is surely the infamous Sunset Campout.

The crowd here embodied a friendly, wild, helpful, and generous spirit.  Five star ravers fo' sho.

#2. Sexy Music, Sexy Stages

Do other deep house camping festivals even exist?  If so, tell me please!

Most house shows keep the lights dim and the visuals minimal, but not so at the Campout!

#3.  Scenery: Beldentown And The River

A stage beside the lush Feather River lets you bounce, boogie, and bump all day on a sea of floaties bedecked with beautiful people -- the best way to beat the heat 'til the sun sets.  

Plus, Beldentown's unusual history is just right for a bunch of freaks like the Sunset campers.  First founded as gold-mining town, a current resident's grandfather won the Beldentown Resort in a card game 50 years ago.  Now with a permanent population of only 22, the resort fills up on the weekends with a couple thousand partygoers grateful to enjoy the restaurant, grocery store, funky bar, and the gorgeous Plumas National Forest.  

And don't forget that Beldentown is right on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Nearly a dozen surprised backpackers stumbled across the festival.  "I think we'll stay tonight, but we'll probably leave tomorrow," they said, none of them knowing a single soul there.  Come Sunday evening, they're still high-fiving each other on the dance floor.

photo by Rummler Matthew

#4.  Mindblowing Art

Sunset pulled no stops with the artistic ambiance.  Major interactive art installations including a funky greenscreen photo booth by Justin Young graced the lawn, and many smaller installations, altars, and groovy chill zones adorned the nooks around the stages.  

The Sunset guys challenged me to take the Prizm Space art installation to the next level, which resulted in an icy silver cave-like tunnel full of twinkling lights complete with a mirrored floor.  Photos here!  Although the installation was delicately constructed, campers treated it with care, even kindly leaving the PrizmEyez for the next guests to enjoy.  Respect!

#5.  Shenanigans Galore

What happens when you isolate 2,000 Sunset Sound System fans in the woods for three days?  Burlesque circus girls throwing knives.  Magic lessons at the Faerie Circle.  Motorboating Booth.  Naked chick wearing only a giant white rabbit head anonymously hopping through camp. Bubbles.  The Bubbles.  Spontaneous foam party.  Waking up at dawn to find Thugfucker wearing PrizmEyez in the DJ booth.  Lasers and fog machines all up in those woods.  Getting glittered over and over.  Rock jumping.  Raft pirating.  And dancing ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!

See you next year!


Mz Prizm


photo by Micah Weiss


  • Bring SHOES for nighttime and sandals for daytime.  You're in the woods, it's dark, there are rocks and stumps!
  • Bring bug repellent, and avoid sleeping outside.
  • Don't stress about food.  With the restaurant and shop, plus food vendors, you only need snacks for camp.
  • There is minimal phone service if you have Verizon.
  • Don't get low on gas, you're about 25 mi into the forest with no gas stations, so that's another 25 mi you need to get back out...
  • Bring costumery!  Yes, that's it baby if you got it, flaunt it! 

photo of Beldentown Bridge by Daniel Schmuck
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I am interested in attending, but I am coming in from NYC and I will not have any camping equipment.

I called the lodge to see if I can ;cook a room. I was told that I need to contact the promoters.

Is there is room that i can be able to book through you?

Clever Botex

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