Mz Prizm started handmaking hard plastic rainbow-vision glasses in 2009, thanks to a magical experience at Coachella.  Since then, she's developed a patent-pending technology that infuses USA-grade Prizm material into eyewear, and PrizmEyez are now factory-made to ensure quality.


Mz Prizm's goal is to deliver the world infinity rainbowz, and other unique, high-quality products that prove we're already in wonderland, all the time.



Dancer and fashion enthusiast, Rave Chocolate met Mz Prizm in the year 3010 sometime between the Spring of Rainbows and the Psychedelic Winter. After constantly running into each other at a slew of epic parties , they soon formed one of the most cosmic friendships known of our time.

Now, R.C. aids Mz Prizm in the galactic conquest to spread infinite rainbows to not only this world, but to many galaxies and dimensions far beyond our wildest (and flashiest) dreams.