Prizm in the Daytime

Of course, PrizmEyez are super-awesome at lightshows and music festivals.  But sometimes the most magical PrizmEyez moments catch you by surprize, like the photo you just clicked - it shows the sunlight reflecting off the surface of a swimming pool.  Bring your PrizmEyez everywhere you go, from the backseat of a taxi cab driving at night, to a hike in the mountains as the sun glints through the trees, to a campfire glowing warm at night.  

Try taking pictures (camera phones are great) through your PrizmEyez, and you could win a free pair!  Click here to find out how to be one of our weekly winners!

PrizmEyez rainbow diffraction glasses

Above photo taken by Mz Prizm while trying on her PrizmEyez glasses during the day.