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After creating PrizmEyez rainbow diffraction glasses, I wanted to continue making people happy by developing more magical products. Therefore, I now offer the following unique products on  Below is a description of why and how I chose to work on these items.  Please enjoy!


I collaborated with an artist I discovered on Etsy to create this gorgeous light-up ring.  A Swarovski crystal is inside a matte black band.  Beneath the crystal is a vivid LED light.  When you twist the black band, the LED is activated, transforming the crystal into a 3D sparkle-tastic world of delights.  The Infinite Galaxy Ring has received awesome feedback from friends who took it to Burning Man and beyond, and I always enjoy wearing mine.  


In 2009, I found a similar pair of these sunglasses on the ground near my house in college.  I immediately fell in love with these massive frames.  I took this pair of glasses to at least a dozen music festivals, including Burning Man, EDC, and two Coachellas.  The only time I lent them to a friend, at Treasure Island Music Festival 2011, he LOST them.  I was devastated!  Searched like a maniac all over the internet and couldn't find the same glasses anywhere.  However, I did locate similar frames, and by collaborating with a factory, I created these shaded, holographic rainbow frames.  They look sweet!  

But, I wanted more rainbowz in these shades.  So, when you order these glasses from me via, I include a piece of prizm material, which you can scotch tape inside the sunglasses.  I also include a "cutout-guide" so you can trace and cut the film to just the right shape.  In the future, I hope to embed the prizm into the glasses, but in the meantime, I totally recommend the scotch-tape method.  You can save the piece of prizm to use repeatedly, and when you want to use them as regular sunglasses (sans rainbowz) you're good to go.  

Oh yea! And they fit over regular glasses.  So for my customers who wear prescription glasses, they can tape in the prizm, pop on these shades, and enjoy PrizmLand no problem.



I describe this crazy item as an "adult slinky."  It's kind of like a twirled up Slinky, that you can stick your hand through and roll it up and down your arms.  It was invented in the early 1990s by a craftsman in Germany to demonstrate a principle of physics called The Torofluxus.  It's a band of steel twisted into this shape, and has been compared to a "shimmering silver bubble" when it flows on your arms.

I particularly enjoy this product in the sun (reflects rainbows when you're wearing PrizmEyez) and with friends, because you can grab someone's hand and roll the Toroflux onto their arms, and pass it around. 


Prizm Orbit

You may have seen other lightup devices similar to this, but none that utilize four white lights.  The Prizm Orbit features four LEDs, with strings threaded through the black plastic casing.  (fits in the palm of your hand.)  Twirl up these strings and pull them, to make the Prizm Orbit spin super fast and create beautiful light patterns.  With PrizmEyez, these white streams of light become gorgeous crazy rainbows.  It's a really fun way to light up your campsite after a long day at a music festival.  I have personally entertained many friends this way :)

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