Prepare to enter....THE PRIZM SPACE

The Prizm Space: Interactive Light Art Installation

(photos by Bailey Greenwood)



The Prizm Space is an interactive, immersive art installation that transports people into a wavy galaxy of psychedelic rainbows.  It is a cube-shaped room with mirrored walls and tiny white lights, where guests are invited to try on prizm glasses and thus experience the rainbow effect.  The Prizm Space reveals that we, as well as the world we experience, are secretly made of rainbowz.  

Visitors to the Prizm Space will be lent a pair of PrizmEyez glasses, which they may use inside the Prizm Space.  These high-grade diffraction glasses transform 1,000 feet of white lights into rainbow-spectrum bursts of light, which change in size and intensity as the visitor moves about the room.  Thus, each point of light interacts with the visitor, brightening, growing, dimming and shrinking, as the viewer walks around.

Thanks to the lightweight flexible walls of the Prizm Space, gusts of air from visitors’ breaths and movement activate the space.  This adds yet another element of motion besides just the visitor walking through the space.  People have described this visual sensation as “swimming through a galaxy of stars.”


PrizmEyez are eyeglasses that turn white lights into explosions of rainbow color.  PrizmEyez are patent-pending diffraction glasses, made partially in California and partially overseas.  They infuse 13,500 lpi diffraction film into quality eyeglasses.  Our sales are primarily to attendees of music festivals, which is why this installation will jive so well with your audience.   


  • Site specific installation or 10 x 10 foot canopy tent(s)

  • Walls and floor made of shiny, mirrored silver mylar

  • Best at night but also vibrant during the day

  • Up to 5 people inside at one time

  • Has been exhibited at: 111 Minna Gallery during How Weird Street Faire 2014, Northern Nights Music Festival 2014, Burning Man 2014, Sunset Halloween Boat Party in San Francisco 2014, and Grey Area Foundation for the Arts 2015


  • Hard surface for floor (or mylar floor must be omitted, walls will not be affected by the floor)

  • 12 outlets, or two three-prong outlets for two control strips

  • No extreme winds or rain

  • Volunteers


  • Good to have music playing inside, or be near music

  • Mz Prizm hosts the space, takes photos of guests, engages with visitors, and elevates the energy level to maximize everyone's happiness :)


  • Mylar for each setup

  • Tickets compensated for volunteers (four minimum)

  • Transportation to/from San Francisco, CA for the equipment and Team Prizm




Prizm Space Installation Mz Prizm.jpg