GIVEAWAY! Bare Scales Clothing: Handmade Festival Backpacks

Thanks to the rainbow forces of the universe, I met the amazing Ms Devon Lach at Holy Ship music festival this year.  Well, maybe it was thanks to the rainbow outfits we were both wearing! :)

Devon is the mermaid on the right, below.

We kept in touch and lo and behold, she has started a super-rad company called Bare Scales Clothing!  Bare Scales features cute, round vinyl backpacks, all of which Devon designs and sews herself.  She sent me one to check out, and I am totally blown away by the quality...and by the delicious fur lining! I want to sleep in my Bare Scales backpack!!!

My Bare Scales backpack is bright white with a rainbow-petal flower, and I can't wait for the next opportunity to show this baby off.  Not only that, but the stickers for Bare Scales are gorgeous, shiny holographic rainbow material....I'm obsessed!


Curious to see the other designs from this plurmaid entrepreneur?  Check out Bare Scales here:

Bare Scales Etsy Shop

Bare Scales Facebook

Bare Scales Instagram

^^^ Check the giveaway on Instagram!!!!!!  You can win your own!!!!  Look for the picture with the Little Green Man design.


Thank you for reading this and helping the world become a sparklier place. 


xx Mz Prizm <3



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