Can a 6-year-old DJ? YES.

"Can you turn a bunch of kids into dj's?"  Elliot Gann wondered...then soon found himself on a mission to make this crazy dream a reality.  Did it work?  Let's just say, don't be surprised if you run across a squadron of kids spinning vinyls, taught by a team of volunteers who lead Today's Future Sounds!

Here's a breakdown of their mission:

We [TFS] use music production and media arts as vehicles through which to empower youth as artists and community members while fostering their well-being as individuals.
We believe in the power of music to transform and inspire youth to create positive change in their lives and communities. We view our work as having educational, therapeutic and social components that can empower individuals to build confidence, inspire creativity, and create change.

TFS teaches music production, beat making, and DJ-ing to youth and the general public not only here in the San Francisco Bay, but around the US and even internationally.   

In my opinion, it's critical that an organization like this exists, because electronic music is exploding in popularity, and might appeal to kids who are less inclined to join a traditional band, orchestra, or play a traditional instrument at home.  Kids love computers, they eat up video games, and playing with something like a  drumbeat-pad is a natural extension of these digital skills they've grown up with.  

Enabling children to express themselves creatively in a variety of media, both traditional and non-traditional, will undoubtedly make the world a more colorful place :)

I met Elliott (founder of Today's Future Sound) at an event in the Bay, and he explained his business to me.  I immediately wondered "Do the kids make their own album art?" -- because I LOVE album art and was curious what a kid might dream up...

Elliott showed me this:

Kids in SPACE!?  With a little 80's flair going on!?  I needed to know more!  "Can I listen?"

"Not yet, this track is still being finished up.  I'll let you know when it's up for download," replied Elliott.


And now it is!!  It's pretty spaced-out, as you might guess!!!  Take a minute as this page scrolls through the beginning of each track of the album for 25 seconds...I'm impressed!  -->

That track was made by two 10-11 year olds.  WOWZ.  Guess they can do a little more than just push buttons ;) *zing*


Could your neighborhood use a little electro-audio-fun for the young ones?  You can help make it happen.  Spread the word!  

And in the meantime, browse the TFS site and listen to these hyper-unique songs made entirely by KIDS!!!!

I hope to someday see a whole room of kids dancing to kids dj-ing and all of them wearing PrizmEyez!

'Til next time!!! xx Mz Prizm


TFS Instagram

TFS Youtube


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