Let's Get Rainbow, Mayyyne!

Have you ever wished for the hair of a unicorn?  
I'd been dreaming of rainbow hair for years.  Finally, the day came where I could say:  "Let's just go crazy with it.  Full blown rainbow, mane!"

Timmory, a beautiful soul who you can find at Harper Paige Salon in San Francisco, finally made my dream a reality.  Her fantastic hair-painting skills enabled me to sport a rainbow head of hair, without any harsh bleach lines or dead-burnt strands at all.  I recommend the hair-painting technique if you'd like it to look like rainbow hair grows naturally out of your head.  Like magic! 

Not only did Timmory infuse my hair with her upbeat energy, she even let me order a pizza to the hair salon.  (The process took quite a while and I was starving!)  

Thank you Timmory, for making my rainbow dreams come true.  I hope you rainbow-fy all of San Francisco <3


Why is rainbow hair important?  I believe it's is the positive energy it expels into the world.  Here's why:  

I met one of the most magical rainbow people in existence, thanks in part to her vibrant hair.  I was hangin' around the rooftop of the Redbull Guest House at WMC/Ultra the other year, wondering if I should gift a pair of my PrizmEyez diffraction glasses to anyone at the pool.  I looked around.  One girl stood out to me, who was smilin' n reclinin' on a lounge chair and radiating purple-blue-teal energy out of her double-bun hairdo and round black sunglasses.  Automatically, I went up and said, "Hey! I want to give you these!"  She smiled even bigger when she put the PrizmEyez on :)  

Little did I know that this chica would turn out to be THE rainbow fairy herself, Miss Chloe Norgaard, who some might even say InVeNtEd rainbow hair.  Then we ran into each other a million times and I've learned that she's helped spread rainbow magic through the galaxy her entire life.  Her words,  actions, attitudes, and energy reflect the beauty and generosity of a rainbow -- enjoyable for everyone, expecting nothing in return, but eliciting smiles and positivity everywhere!  Find her on instagram to see for yourself!

When you love the rainbow, radiate it into the world, and it will radiate back to you like a boomerang of sparkles!!! Embrace and shine your light so it reflects onto you and makes you even brighter than you were in the first place.  If rainbow hair isn't your thing, then do whatever will make you feel wonderful and you and the whole world will enjoy the results.

Here's some more of my favorite rainbow hair pics:

Chloe Norgaard rainbow hair

Chloe Norgaard takes a picture of taking a picture  #meta (@chloenorgaard)

Choe Norgaard wearing PrizmEyez rainbow rave diffraction glasses from PrizmSpace.com

@chloenorgaard in Prizmz here in SF, radiating rainbowz

Lexi Laphor wearing PrizmEyez rainbow rave diffraction glasses the best looking and best quality around

 Met the infamous Lexi Laphor for a quick second on the streets of SF.  Can't wait for her visit this summer!  @femmeasfuck

Anabel Englund singer for Hot Creations and Hot natured loves rainbows

this vixen, Anabel Englund has just gotten her hair paint-rainbowed too. @misssingrid on IG 

Jaques Smith, rockin rainbowz with his luscious teal hair!  @jacques_smith on IG 

Diane Rosser vibing out in rainbowland.  Never met her, but found her online and just had the urge to send her some Prizmz.  So i did :)  @bugoboo on IG

Chloe Norgaard with rainbow hair get yours from Timmory at Harper Paige salon


Would you ever try rainbow hair?  If not, I recommend a wig or spray dye!!! Perfect for a temporary rainbow fix :)

See you on the next rainbow, xx, Mz Prizm


(PS thank you to Hunter also at Harper Paige Salon for an awesome haircut!!! Made the rainbow hair look even better.  Thank you!]


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