Kaleidoscopic Mirror Light Room x PrizmEyez diffraction glasses!


photo by Bailey Greenwood


Mz Prizm thanks Northern Nights Music Festival for selecting her mind-bending art installation, the Prizm Space, for their event this weekend at Cook's Campground, CA.  We can't wait! FUN!!!!


Wander into a cube-shaped room, with mirrored walls and floors, that move and breathe with every gust of air.  White lights reflect for infinity, into tiny little stars, your reflection disappearing too.  Put on the PrizmEyez glasses, and every point of light explodes into a burst of rainbow spectrums, shrinking and growing like fireworks as you walk through the space.  


Scroll thru this page for pics:  http://prizmspace.com/pages/prizmspace

Here's a link to a video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202547517102703&set=o.514551765316123&type=2&theater


Thank you to my crew of cartoon characters who will meet and greet you and meet you this weekend,

Fractal Funhouse


and Johnny Mad Dawg Easy B


Looking forward to a good time :) xx Team Prizm

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