Dax Presents: Francesca Lombardo

Photo by Fotofonica

Here's a ​belated blog post about Thanksgiving Eve, when deep house DJ Francesca Lombardo, Queen of Crosstown Rebels, graced San Francisco with her beautiful beats.  

Throw on this mix while you read.

I first learned of Francesca at a house party called Hot Mess on Star Island at WMC.  She was tag teaming the decks with Kenny of Art Dept., from sunrise 'til like 11 am.  I was blown away by her intense, high-energy set, and gave her a pair of PrizmEyez, while being like "WHO ARE YOU!? WHAT IS YOUR NAAAAME!?"  I took a pic of her wearing the pink frames and showed it to her.  "Don't post that anywhere!" she said.  Fair enough, we'd been partying for god knows how long.  If you come visit to me you can peek the pic in my personal collection ;)

Then, I ran into her again at Burning Man, and she was delighted when I gave her Space Face sunglasses, as the sun had risen high in the sky.  "I have your rainbow glasses at home!" She said.  I freaked out with happiness.  My ultimate end game is to "Prizmify" all my favorite DJs....

Jonny White and Francesca, photo by Christian Lamb

Back to the San Francisco set.....Francesca started slow, with a gradual, ethereal buildup, keeping the crowd eager for more.  Public Works, one of my favorite venues, was totally not crowded (what a treat!), and since it was a weeknight, it would have been easy to peace out early if the energy had been low. However, Francesca hyped it up fast enough to keep the peepz on their feetz, and it was hard to leave even around 3 am.

Lombardo's style was a mix of deep, sexy basslines sprinkled with technical flair and funky instrumental party noises that got the crowd screaming.  Like wolves.  Literally.

It was a pleasure to experience this epic party by San Francisco's own Dax Presents.  Dax Lee, a chill, always-smiling, renowned party thrower (he brings Seth Troxler at least once a year), put this night together for us, and opened with his own set.  Dax also delivered a sick VJ, who projected psychedelic videos that looked like you were watching the Electric Sheep visualizer through a pair of kaleidoscope glasses, with photos of epic landscapes, evil pugs, and happy kitties mixed in.

We threw our stuff in a pile on the floor, shared PrizmEyez with the dudes around us, and grooved.  "I'm tripping for the first time ever!" a stragner said to me, out of nowhere.  I let him try a pair of PrizmEyez.  He freaked out.  People were getting their pre-Thanksgiving rave on, that's for sure.

Another epic party from Dax presents. Don't miss the next one ;)

over n out!
Mz Prizm
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