The Steaz - The Necessary Unnecessariness

(Mz Prizm here!)  

I met the Steaz during his performances at Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and from his rainbow neon zebra onesie, to the silver glitter around his eyes, I was immediately hooked.  His live shows combine sardonic comedy, burlesque, general absurdity, and his fantastic looped vocals plus some keyboarding.  

Enjoy this podcast I created, that tells of meeting this manicorn, including me climbing onto the stage to let him know he's my spirit animal. (Obvi!)  Of course, I gave him Space Face sunglasses and some Prizm!

Here's his latest video, that I've probably watched ten times at least already.  Be warned, major weirdness!  LOVE IT!

 Til next time, my sparkly rainbow friend! xx Mz Prizm

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