Feedback received via Email & Social Media from PrizmEyez Customers


I ordered 8 Pairs of White Prizms from you guys for White Wonderland, I pass them all out to my friends for Christmas!! I also sent 2 to friends in Florida who went to watch Mat Zo and 1 to another friend in San Diego who went back East to watch Armin Van Burren! *I will see if I can get pictures and have them sent to you via Email.

I LOVE your prizm glasses, I am sorry I don't have any pictures of me wearing thing or taking pictures with them at the moment! =/

But I love your glasses and they always help me make new friends at events!!! I like to pass them around and people always ask, WHERE YOU GET THESE?? and therefore the word starts to SPREAD! =)


 Yayyy thank you!! 

P.S. you're the best. 

I've had my first pair of prizm eyez for about a year now, and they are absolutely astounding. 


- Austin J

 Just wondering when you're going to have quicksilver lenses in stock.  I've got a pair of the clear frame regular prizms and they blow away the competition... I need to try all the lenses you have to offer.  I'm ordering the doublestacks right now, but please let me know when to check back for the quicksilvers!

Thanks! Rave on; you're doing a beautiful thing!

- Sarah W.


Hey Carolyn! You were very correct! They arrived today and I'm very happy! :) I can't even say how awesome your customer service is! I'm definitely going to be recommending you guys to absolutely everyone! Very happy with the product. Thanks so much for the second pair and the thing to hang them around my neck. Shame they didn't arrive before the music festival I went to on the weekend but oh well I'm sure I'll have plenty of other chances to use them.
Once again Carolyn thank you so much! Expect to see more of me :)
Mitchell Chapman :)