It all started with a music festival . . . .

At Coachella 2009, a random person changed my life forever, by giving me a pair of paper-frame disposable "rainbow fireworks laser 3d kaleidoscope diffraction lazer glasses."

I wore these glasses the rest of Coachella weekend, as well as at Ultra Music Festival 2009, astounded by the magical rainbowz I was seeing everywhere.  Talk about a lightshow!  The problem was, these disposable  paper glasses could not withstand the dancing, dirt, and heat of these festivals.  An upgrade was clearly necessary.  

A crafty girl at heart, I began assembling prizm glasses by hand.  The positive response from friends led to me cobbling together a website, and to my surprize, orders started popping up from all over the world.  

Fast forward to summer 2011: I was spending 8 hours a day assembling PrizmEyez in my parents' living room.  It was tedious work that made my hands really tired, but the encouragement and awesome prizm stories from you PrizmKidz inspired me to keep making them. 


But these handmade pairs still weren't perfect.  First of all I couldn't make these fast enough for ya'll rainbow addictz, second of all, the front of these glasses appeared all wrinkly!  After lots and lots of work, and thanks to purchases from customers, I was able to fund some research into how to make improvements to PrizmEyez.  Finally, on the last day of 2011, the new Ultimate model of PrizmEyez was officially born.  And now it's available for you!

But we aren't done yet.  We are working super hard to deliver you every level, style, and color you could dream of, with the ultimate smooth durable plastic lenses.  And we CAN do it.  Just give us a little time to make them perfect for you.  Prizm Promise.