PrizmEyez glasses transform ordinary lights into magical bursts of psychedelic rainbowz!

These high-quality glasses will blow your mind with their lenses infused with prizm, which break up light into rainbows using a zillion microscopic crystal pyramids.  PrizmEyez diffraction glasses are a must-have for lightshows, music festivals, and everyday wonderland.

Our patent-pending assembly protects the prizm effect from dust, dirt, and liquid.  The Prizm on PrizmEyez will NEVER fade, wipe off, or disappear.  The infinite.

Thank you to our tens of thousands of satisfied customers who are spreading the rainbow sparkle magic across the universe!  
The image above shows a white LED fingerlight through regular clear lens PrizmEyez glasses.

Like what you see?  You might want to check out our DoubleStack lens upgrade for an even more intense rainbow experience!