Mz Prizm's Munchies!


pancakes + fun + fetti ! ! ! a party on your plate ! ! !

"the pancakes were made in the like far away mountainland and yea there's like 3 fairies and they deliver sprinkles to the hotcakes -- they overcome crowds and a fire breathing dragon they had to kill in order to bring funfetti to the hotcakes.  they were very sad and needed brightness -- fairies came,  they were like 'hey, we have these sprinkles, they'll add more color in your life and you'll be like the rainbow!' The hotcakes were like 'ya that's exactly what we need, that's fantastic!' so the fairies created the funfetti pancake hotcake and the people that ate them were happy because they had a little bit more color in all of their life, after that and that's the story about the Funffetti Pancake Hotcake." - F. Michael Hope #jujufruit

Ingredients: milk, funfetti, egg, veggie oil (butter)

Put the ingredients into a bowl, and mix them ! ! !


 Saw this recipe online and thought, I have to try making this!  Hotdogs stuffed with spaghetti that look like baby squid jellyfish spiders!!  

First, I gathered some ingredients.  The recipes mostly suggested marinara dipping sauce for these noodly nuggets, but I wanted to take things a little further.  (I ended up not using the Cheetos in the recipe.  I also chose chicken hot dogs, but use whatever kind you'd like!)

Next, chop up the lil doggies.  If I were to ever make this again, I'd chop the pieces a little smaller than the picture shows below.  Maybe 6 pieces per hot dog.

Then, you stuff them.  We used 4-10 pieces of spaghetti per piece.

Now, boil them for about 11 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Meanwhile, cook some bacon, and heat up the marinara sauce.  We dressed our entrĂ© in two different styles.  

Marinara Squid Babies: Tomato basil marinara, freshly grated parmesan, and a sprig of parsley (optional)

The Flying Pigs: Cheddar (preshredded), bacon, Funyons (you can put some milk/butter in the cheddar & heat it up if you want to make an ambitious sauce.  Or, just mix in the cheddar while it's still hot!)