Funfetti Magic Pancakes ! ! !


pancakes + fun + fetti ! ! ! a party on your plate ! ! !

"the pancakes were made in the like far away mountainland and yea there's like 3 fairies and they deliver sprinkles to the hotcakes -- they overcome crowds and a fire breathing dragon they had to kill in order to bring funfetti to the hotcakes.  they were very sad and needed brightness -- fairies came,  they were like 'hey, we have these sprinkles, they'll add more color in your life and you'll be like the rainbow!' The hotcakes were like 'ya that's exactly what we need, that's fantastic!' so the fairies created the funfetti pancake hotcake and the people that ate them were happy because they had a little bit more color in all of their life, after that and that's the story about the Funffetti Pancake Hotcake." - F. Michael Hope #jujufruit

Ingredients: milk, funfetti, egg, veggie oil (butter)

Put the ingredients into a bowl, and mix them ! ! !


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